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Our company manufacture and distribute Australian made, top quality electronic LED scoreboards and displays to the sports club and sports complex market. Whether it is for sports results displaying or commercial advertising. Our scoreboard products consist of ready made scoreboards, display's and custom-made scoreboards, sports display boards, commercial advertising signs, video screen scoreboards, electronic displays and LED signs. Our scoreboards utilise the latest cutting edge software along with our smarter LED display's. All scoreboard's are extremely reliable and highly visible in all conditions. Our manufacturing team of qualified electronic technicians and programmers have over 40 years experience in the industry. Take a look at our electronic sports scoreboards and advertising displays.

Testimonial: "The new electronic scoreboard on Rugby 1 is just terrific. The Scoreboard blends in very nicely with the environment and is certainly very clear for all to read during a rugby game... Your scoreboard is great" - Headmaster of Central Coast Grammar School.